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Differentiation in the Marketplace

In a competitive beverage market, what are producers doing around the globe to differentiate themselves in the marketplace? Consumers are increasingly demanding more premium beverage products. Their decisions are no longer driven purely by price but by the promise of quality, experience and are often conscious of the effects on their health.
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Beer Cans Versus Beer Bottle Debate

The debate over beer cans versus beer bottles continues to be a hot topic especially for craft brewers. A large SA craft brewer have led the way with the movement from bottles to cans by transferring all of its nine varieties of beer into cans which has left many smaller craft brewers wondering whether they should do the same.
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Doing Our Bit For The Environment

We can all play a part in reducing our carbon footprint. VI Packaging. Vinpac International and Dorrien Estate are implementing an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015 Style) which will help us monitor, assess, plan and improve our environmental performance.
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You’ve Got The Concept – We’ve Got The Solution

We are passionate about finding the perfect packaging solution for our customers, and are continuously monitoring industry trends and listening to what our customers need. Here we present just some of the services we offer that you may not be aware of.
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2018 – The Trends & Predictions!!

The beverage market and wine and beer packaging are constantly changing and evolving so we thought we would take the time to reflect on some of the global trends over the years and predictions for 2018.

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The Year That Was 2017

Christmas is the 25th December every year however it seems every year it creeps up on us! Before we know it is the week before Christmas shutdown and everyone is madly trying to get their orders in and life gets…

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