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Beer and Brewer Article – Packaging Feature

Crafted Solutions

Many breweries have had to find creative solutions to help them cope with the impact of COVID-19. For many, it has been pushing their business into new areas but we have also seen creative packaging solutions such as the Growler bottle on the rise.

Once considered a novelty item, the almost two litre vessels are now a must-have for many craft lovers as they’re perfectly suited to taking away draught beer to be enjoyed at home.

There’s also the environmental benefit, too. A bottle that you can reuse means you can eliminate the waste, which is a great bonus.

“Being able to offer our customers unique, sustainable packaging options is really important to us and it has been great to see how
the Growler bottle has helped breweries trade in uncertain times” – Kate Salway – Sales and Supply Manager – VI Packaging

Keeping with the retro theme, VI were also integral in Pinnacle Drinks winning the 2021 Australian International Beer Awards Best Label/Graphic Design trophy for it’s Stubby packaging.

By leveraging our packaging knowledge and relationships with key supply partners we have been able to collaborate with the Pinnacle Drinks team to create this unique packaging.” said James Vallance – Commercial Manager, Vinpac International

Another trend VI said they were noticing was the rise in popularity of tall, slimline cans because of their shelf appeal and flexibility in an increasingly competitive market. At face value, they simply catch someone’s eye if placed next to a standard-sized can while their slimmer, taller nature means more can be placed on a shelf as they occupy a smaller surface area.

Another reason for moving to a sleek can design is that it allows for smaller modern portion sizes with a clean, premium look on the shelf. Even though often these cans hold the same amount of liquid, there is a perception amongst consumers that they feel slimmer and better when they drink out of a tall slim can – which perfectly aligns with the popularity of hard seltzers, for example

We are really passionate about tailor-making packaging solutions that bring our customers’ brands to life. We analyse market trends and work with the wider business to understand what our customers and their consumers want now and in the future, said Kate Salway – Sales and Supply Manager – VI Packaging

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