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2018 – The Trends & Predictions!!

The beverage market and wine and beer packaging are constantly changing and evolving so we thought we would take the time to reflect on some of the global trends over the years and predictions for 2018.

There has been growth in domestic wine consumption in the past few years, which has been driven mainly by women. This can also be attributed to the changing lifestyles and increasing purchasing power, which leads to change in preferences. There has also been a rising demand for Premium Australia Wines predominately driven by China, which has in turn increased sales of cork mouth bottles, corks and PVC, Tin and Polylaminate Capsules.


Wine Australia

Cheaper wines are still more popular in the UK and USA but overall beer consumption continues to overshadow wine.


Wine Australia Export Report

Perceptions of Australian wine also play an important role in the consumption patterns in key markets. Wine consumers in China are typically young and are increasingly moving away from ‘Old World’ European wines towards Australian wines, which they perceive as being fruity and not oak driven. In the USA, Australian wine is perceived as not an expensive/fine wine but more as value for money. The UK have had a decline over the past couple of years with imports as consumption overall has fallen. Wine from the USA formed the largest portion of Canadian imports in 2014, with 90% being Californian wine. From 2015 the USA continued to maintain the top share of imports in Canada.


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First Drop’s Mother’s Milk can be bought at cellar door in the Barossa Valley in small little milk bottles. Such a funky way to package up wine and something that people remember.

Branding and quirky packaging continues to be important to many consumers. We expect to see increased storytelling through wine labels, interesting typography and compelling imagery. We are loving the quirky ideas that wineries are coming up with to make their package stand out from the crowd.
Our new product development team are constantly looking at new packaging ideas and concepts so we get the opportunity of often seeing some unique ideas.

If there is a package in concept stage that you need help with or if you are looking to rebrand your wine please contact our Customer Service Team at (08) 8561 0744 or vipackaging@vinpac.com.au and we can work with you to make it a reality.

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