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Our partners BWS and Dan Murphy’s were looking for help in the busy Christmas period and we saw this as not only a great learning opportunity but also a chance to do our bit and help our colleagues in stores.

We have had staff members stacking shelves, helping anyway they can and generally spreading Christmas cheer to customers. This has given us a better understanding of retail and your market. Dan Murphy’s has the widest range on liquor with each store carrying over 3,500 products, including hundreds of spirits and beers, thousands of wines as well as over 5,000 products available online. BWS has over 1200 stores across Australia and both shops are preparing for a buying frenzy this weekend.

With Christmas falling on a Monday it is predicted that this will be one of the busiest years on record for wine sales in the lead-up to Christmas.

Global demand for wine is growing at a faster rate than vineyards can be planted or producers established. That coupled with a challenging 2017 vintage means that finding value will likely become more or a challenge.

For the best value for money, Mr Nixon pointed to Riesling, chardonnay, cabernet and muscat.

Australian Riesling continues to be criminally underrated with lovely examples to be found under $20.

Peter Nixon, Dan Murphy’s.


The Courier Mail

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